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Brand Proposition and DNA

EBOHR’s logo is composed of double-E” logo and five letters “EBOHR”. It is neatly done and easy for identification. It is integrated with brand spirit and culture into EBOHR to vividly interpret enterprise brand proposition and DNA.


Brand Structure

EBOHR Luxuries covers multiple brands, markets and channels, upstream, medium-stream and downstream of industrial chain. While promoting and maintaining stable brand development, it has realized the development road from mass-market brands to a combination of mass-market brand and individual brands after strategic upgrade for times. This has infused powerful strength into EBOHR’s sustainable development and expanded the territory.

Manufacturing plant—Shenzhen PAMA Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. possesses excelsior manufacturing process which is a solid footstone for fine quality. Based on this, mass-market brands of EBOHR develop rapidly and stably. It has developed KANA (a jewelry wrist watch for women) and EC (a complicated mechanical movement wrist watch for men) and other individual brands.

  • EBOHR has been accompanied Chinese timepiece industry and consumers for over 20 years. It is a main brand and mass-market brand, creating rich product lines with classical system, contemporary style, casual style. It is favored by extensive consumers by its outstanding design, skilled craftsmanship and excellent quality.

  • KANA is a jewelry wrist watch developed for stylish women by cooperating with Swarovski. Every KANA watch is made with natural gemstone or synthetic stone cut by Swarovski. The unique charm of KANA is not only originated from good combination between jewelry processing technology and wrist watch manufacturing technology but also from an artistic inspiration between the West and the East, elegance and fashion, expression and implication.

  • EC is a complicated mechanical movement wrist watch for men. With unique design, EC has a complicated appearance structure and is equipped with a complicated mechanical movement to show high-level process and a strong sense of times. EC uniqueness is from its unduplicated spirit and endless exquisite craft exploration, inheriting explorer’s persistent belief and making wrist watches with high practicality, appreciation and collection value.