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Technical Innovation

EBOHR persists in combining technical innovation with market development. In domestic watch industry, it firstly brings in computer cooperative design platform—PLM system which has realized 3D software CATIA design and development, greatly enhanced product design cooperativeness, quality and efficiency and formed efficient product innovation capacity. EBOHR possesses a technical team with powerful and solid technical strength, attach great importance to introducing high-level talents:

EBOHR established central laboratory in 2015, which is another breakthrough for its technical R&D in wrist watch industry in over 20 years based on product innovation. It provides technical protection for EBOHR’s brands. It also set up long-term industry-university-research partnership with Shenzhen Watch & Clock Research Institute and School of Materials of Shenzhen University. Adhering to EBOHR’s innovation spirit, the central laboratory greets opportunities and challenges in the age of big data and becomes a big data center for Chinese consumer goods and a cooperation center for watch big data.

Exquisite Manufacturing

Exquisiteness is an inevitable signet for every EBOHR wrist watch. To design, manufacture, promote and sell the competitive products is the persistent pursuit of EBOHR. To ensure the quality of every wrist watch, EBOHR penetrates the rigorous quality monitoring system into every link ranging from design, R&D, parts purchasing, production assembly and finished product warehousing. EBOHR wholly invests and establishes PAMA Precision Manufacturing Ltd. It is equipped with five-shaft and five-linkage CNC machining center, a full set of high-level, new and precise Swiss imported equipments and experienced precious metal processing talents, which provides strong guarantee for EBOHR’s exquisite quality. It executes ISO9001 quality management system, utilizes a full set of Swiss detection devices, fully-closed, dust-free and anti-static workshop, automated assembly line and severe environment to control product quality throughout the flow and ensure consumers’ rights and interests.

Multiple technical achievements such as 18K gold and nanometer hard films developed by EBOHR are granted with national patents. EBOHR is recognized as “New Record of Chinese Enterprises” by authorities, and their market share ranked the first. Particularly, its unique nanometer hard film process can ensure that EBOHR watches maintain their constant quality and timelessness thanks to its stronger hardness, abrasion and corrosion resistance. Up to now, EBOHR has successfully applied nearly 100 patented technologies and formulated over 20 national and industrial technical standards as a member of National Clock & Watch Standardization Technical Committee.

Exquisite Watches

  • EBOHR’s pair watches with dragon and phoenix patterns are made with 18K gold process. With dedicated carving and manual polishing, the wrist watch is designed with blessing pattern, dragon and phoenix pattern in Chinese traditional culture.

  • EC Series takes world-known Rome Colosseum as a prototype and inspiration and reaches the peak of design and process by means of its complicated flywheel technology.

  • “Lucky Symbol” and “Fancy Dream” in KANA won Red Star Award for Chinese Innovative Design. Every natural gemstone is from Swarovski, and unique gemstone mounting technology ensures the shining of gemstones.

Exquisite Stories

Wrist watch is not only a timing tool but also a precious commemoration for time art and happy time. Thus, it is favored by those who have life, emotion, culture, deposition, taste and personality. EBOHR holds that professional watch makers should grant life to wrist watch with humanistic sensibility and professional watch making technology, fully show exquisite watch making techniques and interpret the spiritual value of art treasure. In the development for 25 years, EBOHR has kept exploring and transcending watch making technology and pursuing betterment to make numerous watches and compose touching exquisite stories.